Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Out with the grown up ships

 While at Tewitfield, I thought I should go and have a look at the locks.  This is the northern side of the road which blocks the Lancaster canal.

The locks are all still there, but missing gates.  I wonder how much a lock gate costs...

 A couple of the old gates are on display at the side of the canal

after a bit over half a mile, we reach the point that the M6 blocks the canal

Leaving Tewitfield, there seemed to be less water in the canal than on the way up.  More scrapes and bumps as I headed south.

I decided to stop for a brew, and to clear some more rubbish from the prop, at Capenwray Canal.  This is a really peaceful spot.  I might come back here when I want to get away from the world for a while.  When I look on the map, this short stretch of canal is called Lovers Creek, and I'm here on my own.  Bloody typical.

 The canal follows a railway, but it isn't electrified, so this is not the main line.  I don't know where this goes
 There are a lot of nice canal side houses, but I think they may be out of my price bracket
 Finally I reach the junction with the Glasson branch, and the first lock is very close to the main canal.
 Six locks later, and three hours 15 minutes doing the locks solo, and finally I am out into Glasson basin
 I moored up at the visitor moorings at the right hand side of the basin just as the sun was starting to set.
 Across from me the grown up ships were moored.
 And a bit further down was another "project".  I'd better not show Luke...

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